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You Can't Handle The Truth
Season Ex on the Beach 1 (US)
Episode Number 9
Air Date June 14, 2018
Viewers (in millions) 0.857
Episode Chronology
Monster Mode
Return Of All The Exes

You Can't Handle The Truth is the ninth episode of Ex on the Beach 1 (US).


Cory and Taylor’s relationship is pushed into the danger zone when Cory’s lingering feelings for Alicia come to light. A comment triggers an explosive fight in the house. A new ex arrives and receives unexpected news.

Episode Overview[]

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Shack of Secrets[]

Message In The Bottle:
"Joe, now that Taylor hardcore friend zoned you, it's time to give her some real friend advice. Head down to the Shack of Secrets with Taylor." (Read by Joe)

Shack of Secrets Participants
Taylor Selfridge
Joe Torgerson

SOS Message:
"Taylor and Joe, there is something that you both really need to see and think about before you leave the Shack of Secrets. Press Play." (Read by Taylor)