Mark Jansen
Original Show Big Brother 19
Born June 13, 1991
Hometown Grand Island, New York
Show Summary
Version United States
Ex On The Beach 3 (US)
Classification Singles/OGs
Exes Elena
Hookups Elena, Aubrey, Coffey
Episodes 14
Social Media
Twitter realmarkjansen
Instagram realmarkjansen
Youtube Youtube Channel

Profile[edit | edit source]

Bio: Mark is a personal trainer who cried his way through "Big Brother" and his relationship with his Ex Elena Davies, whom was also on the show. Mark and Elena have had a very public and very toxic on-off relationship. Their most recent breakup revolved around Elena's accusation Mark cheated, which he denies. This personal trainer is ready to focus less on his core and more on his heart, but will his plan change when he is confronted by his Ex?

Duration of Season
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