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Malcolm Drummer
Malcom S2.jpg
Original Show Are You The One? 6
Born October 12, 1991
Show Summary
Version United States
Ex On The Beach 2 (US)
Classification Singles/OG's
Exes Diandra, Nurys
Hookups Maya, Nurys
Episodes 14
Social Media
Twitter Mackemdrummer
Instagram MackemDrummer


Bio: Charming and confident, Malcolm found himself caught up in a love triangle on Season 6 of "Are You The One?" Now, this notorious player claims he's retired from the game, but then again, he's said that before. Malcolm's here to find the baddest one on the beach, and he's not afraid to break some hearts in the process. When his Exes show up, will he try his old angle, or has he really turned over a new leaf?

Duration of Season
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