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Derrick Henry
Derrick Henry.jpeg
Original Show Are You The One? 5
Born January 26, 1993
Hometown Charleston, South Carolina
Show Summary
Version United States
Ex On The Beach 1 (US)
Classification Exes
Exes Angela, Alicia
Hookups Jasmine, Angela
Episodes 11
Social Media
Twitter imdroc15
Instagram imdroc15


Ex On The Beach 1 (US)[]

Duration of Season
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
2 2 1
     = "Cast member" arrives on the beach.
     = "Cast member" is featured in this episode.
     = "Cast member" has an ex arrive on the beach.
 #  = The total number of Cut votes they received.

Note: Both times Derrick had an ex arrive his face was not displayed on the Flag Pole. Instead Cory's face was displayed.


  • Derrick, along with Alicia and Cory, were the first Challenge[1] alumni to be featured on the US franchise.
  • Derrick was the first Ex to arrive in Ex On The Beach 1 (US).
  • Derrick and Angela were the first people to enter the Shack of Secrets in Ex On The Beach 1 (US).
  • Derrick was informally the first Ex to have an ex arrive in Ex On The Beach 1 (US).
  • Derrick was the first person to go down to the Shack of Secrets twice in Ex On The Beach 1 (US) by episode 5.
  • Derrick read the Message In The Bottle on Episode 8 in Ex On The Beach 1 (US).

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