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Billy Reilich
Original Show What Happens at The Abbey
Born September 26, 1990
Hometown Dayton, Ohio
Show Summary
Version United States
Ex On The Beach 3 (US)
Classification Singles/OG's
Exes Cara, Emily, Tyler
Hookups Lexi, Tyler, Emily
Episodes 14
Social Media
Twitter billyreilich
Instagram billreilcih


Bio: Billy is that gigantic hunk from "What Happens at the Abbey" or that guy who trims Ellen DeGeneres's bush -- because he's her gardener on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." Billy is an under-the-radar pansexual who's dated all types, but he recently came out to his family and now hopes to revisit some old relationships with a fresh new perspective. The jury is out on whether or not his Exes are as open to the idea. This gentle giant wears his heart on his size XXXL sleeve, but will he find his Next in Malibu or leave with his Ex?

Duration of Season
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Post Ex On The Beach[]

  • Billy, Emily and Tyler broke up after the show.

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